How to Succeed at Experts Exchange as an Asker

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 11:04AM PDT

Keep your title short and concise. A descriptive title helps Experts determine if they can assist you. Titles are truncated in question lists, so it is best to keep the title short. Avoid phrases like “please help” or “urgent”, because this will not help Experts help you quickly.

Ask a detailed question. Describe your question with as much detail as possible, the more specific you are, the better chance you’ll receive help. Remember that the Experts don’t have any information aside from what you give them.

List what you have already tried. The Experts will usually start by suggesting basic measures commonly used to eliminate basic problems. If you have already made attempts to solve your problem, list what you tried. This way, Experts know you are working to solve the problem and can skip steps that have already been tried.

Be specific about your needs. This helps Experts steer you in the right direction. If you have follow-up or related questions, post a new question for each of them. This helps Experts focus on the questions that have not been answered and lets you award points to the Experts for each question they assist with.

Provide relevant materials. If your question pertains to a code, post a code snippet. If a screenshot can describe what you are seeing, post it. Be very careful to avoid posting any sensitive information like passwords, domains and customer IDs, as this is all visible to the public

Post your question in multiple topics. Posting your question in a topic sends an alert to Experts in that topic, meaning the more topics you post to, the more Experts will see your question. Find the best topics to post in by browsing the topics. Please note that not all topics are large enough to contain enough Experts to get a good response.

Stay engaged in your question. You will receive emails and on-site notifications each time someone comments on your question to make it easier to monitor. However, it’s important to remain involved and respond to comments to help Experts provide a solution. Oftentimes Experts ask for more information or offer multiple suggestions on how to proceed, making your responses essential in creating a solution. If you have related questions, ask them, but if you original question was already answered, ask a new question.

Be courteous. Remember that all the Experts are volunteers and they are giving their time and knowledge for free. Experts are from all over the world, so there are times when you will encounter members with different language backgrounds and customs. The best way to avoid any issues with other members is to be nice and treat everyone with respect, especially when you are asking for their help.

Use the Help Bell (Premium feature).  Premium Members can ask us for assistance in getting their questions answered. The Help Bell allows you to seek more engagement from the community until you feel your question has been properly solved.

Report Question if needed. If your question goes without an answer for over 24 hours, or if there is any behavioral issue taking place in your question, use the Report Question button right away to get help from our site Moderators.  The Report Question option is a button right below the original post.

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