A Guide to Projects on Expert Testing

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:29AM PST

Here’s a guide to what you’ll find when you look at a project on Expert Testing (formerly known as BugFinder).

  • 1: Status. This shows you whether the project is open or closed. Only open projects can accept new bug reports.
  • 2: Submitted by. This shows you who the project owner is. The project owner will review each bug that’s posted to determine if it’s valid or not.
  • 3: Body. This is the description of what the project owner is looking for.
  • 4: URL. This is the URL to the website that needs to be tested.
  • 5. Testing Details: Here, the project owner has defined what needs to be tested. You should confine your testing to the scope that’s outlined here and in the project description.
  • 6: Close button. As the project owner, you can close the project when you’re satisfied with testing and all reported bugs have been closed.
  • 7: Edit button. As the project owner, you can edit the project to adjust the testing details or description of your project.
  • 8: Request Attention button. If this project needs attention from the Moderators, use the Request Attention button.
  • 9: Bug list. You can view all the bugs that have been posted to a project, or you can select the “Open Bugs” or “Closed Bugs” tab to narrow the type of bug you’re looking for. If you’re a tester, you’ll also see a tab for “My Reported Bugs”. You can search within the reported bugs by using the search bar. If you’re the project owner, you’ll see icons for closing open bugs, and reopening closed bugs.
  • 10: Bug report form. If you’ve found a bug, you should post it here, and it will be submitted to the project owner.

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