How do I close my Project on Expert Testing?

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2016 08:30AM PST
You can close your project when all the reported bugs have been closed (see screen shots below). If you attempt to close your project when there are still open bugs, you’ll be asked to close those bugs before proceeding with the closure.
  • Click the “Close Project” button on your project.
  • If you’ve granted points to any bugs, you’ll now have the option of granting any participating expert additional bonus points. Select any experts you’d like to award for their help, and click Submit.
  • Your project is now closed, and final bonus points awarded. The top testers for this project can now be seen on the project page, along with the number of bugs they found and points they earned.

If you need to re-open your project, you’ll need to use the Request Attention button so the site Moderators can do so for you.

Close Project button.

Closing a Project and awarding bonus points.

Closed project page.

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